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Create sensible landing page for unknown errors at errors.corda.net


Currently, if you are get an error when using Corda, the error codes webapp redirects the URL (e.g. https://errors.corda.net/OS/4.0/fnu1lw ) based on the following rules:


  1. If the same hash + version is found in the error database, then redirect directly to the accepted Stack Overflow answer

  2. If the same hash is found for a different version in the error database, then redirect directly to the accepted Stack Overflow answer

  3. Otherwise:

a) if the version is Open Source, then redirect to the Stack Overflow search page, and search for the error code and corda to see if someone else has had the answer but it isn’t in our error database.

b) If the version is Enterprise, redirect to R3’s Support portal.


This is confusing to the user, as the majority of errors are currently unknown. Steps 1 and 2 in the process should stay the same. Step 3 should be replaced with a web page that details:

  • The fact that we don’t currently have an ‘accepted’ answer for the question. Present the link to allow the user to search on StackOverflow to see whether anyone has also had the same issue

  • Encourage the user to create a new Stack Overflow question (create a link to the create question page?)

  • If the link is from an Enterprise version of the software, it should also include a link to the R3 support portal.

  • There should also be a link to the R3 docs (either OS or ENT dependent on the URL)


The page should be reviewed (preferably designed by) the UI team





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