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Separate doorman and networkmap url in node.conf (of a Corda node)


Split Doorman and Network Map into separate processes started independently, ie either one or the other, or both (one after the other) at boot time. This also includes splitting the compatibilityZoneURL config in node.conf into two.

A comment from DevOps team:

As a DevOps I want to be able to run Doorman and NetworkManager on two separate servers without any extra software in front of them.

After period of testing in Corda Connect and other environment I don't see a way to continue work with Doorman and NetworkMap in the current form. It's too complicated.

The first step to simplified it is to properly separate NetworkMap and Doorman. I know that you can run them in two separate modes, but it's just half-bake. It needs a proper separation with two separate entries on configuration and fully independent of each other.

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